Get retweets of retweets


hello, I just noticed that GET statuses/retweets/:id doesn’t return the retweets of a retweet.
Can somebody tell me why, or suggest any other method through I can get also the retweets of a retweet?

And also something strange, when I make a request for user timeline, the field “retweet_count” of a retweet it is always equal to “retweet_count” of the “retweeted_status” tweet(retweeted tweet). I was expecting to see how many people was retweeting my retweet, so these 2 numbers normally are not equals. I also tried to retweet a status and I noticed that both counts was increasing with 1.


What you want is not possible (see below). The only way to get this is using the Streaming API’s new ReTweet has been retweeted event.

You are seeing the ReTweet count of the original Tweet always even on ReTweets, because retweeting a ReTweet will retweet the original Tweet and not the ReTweet.


Thank you for your quick response :slight_smile: