GET requests from Android respond with Error 32


I have a mobile app that uses a javascript based oAuth solution. It is being used on Android and iOS devices.

POST & GET requests work fine on iOS

as of a few days ago, don’t know exactly when, GET requests only stopped working on the android device only.

any GET 1.1 api endpoint I try I receive exactly the same response:

{“response”:{“errors”:[{“message”:“Could not authenticate you”,“code”:32}]},“error”:true}

I have double checked the oAuth signing, as my XHR request is being sent with headers, and tested the exact code by sending the API call from a different application (HTTP_Client on the Mac) and the APi goes through with no problem.

Why the android device is the only device that is throwing this error, yet producing completely valid Authorization Headers is very strange.

To clarify, on the Android device I can POST status updates, with this implementation. It is only GET requests that cause the issue.

I am trying to use the following API:


Hi Ketan,

Have you resolved the issue? I am facing same issue on Android devices but working fine on iOS issues.