Get request in API V 1.1


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I am having confusion in what will be the “Get Search” API rate limit? Will it be 180 requests per 15 minutes per user for your application or is it 180 per 15 minute for your complete application. As in API V 1.1 authentication will be compulsory.

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It’s kind of both…

Your application has an app-only auth rate limit of 450 queries per 15 minutes. This is a pool of requests that only depletes when your application uses app-only auth to make the request. Requests made on behalf of an end-user’s OAuth 1.0A access token has no effect on the remaining calls available in the app-only auth context.

Your application also has a app-user auth rate limit of 180 queries per 15 minutes – per access token. This is a pool of requests that belongs to your user, operating within the context of your application. That user can issue 180 search requests through your app per 15 minutes. This usage has no effect on the app-only auth context, just as the app-only auth context has no effect on this usage.


Thank you @episod


Is it possible to set unlimited request limit as my application is using mere “Get Search” request that is why I am not going for site streaming option.