Get rate limit to send Direct Message daily



I am building an application where I need to send Direct Messages daily, i just want to know what was the rate limit for GET request.
Also I am not able to see the actual rate limits for GET request regarding DM’s at This link is no longer working.
I tried to find out here but still i didn’t get that

Can anybody help me out this?


Are you asking about sending, or about receiving / reading / GETting messages?

The send limits are account limits described here.


thanks for responding I want know the rate limits for GET request to send DM. what ever you mention in that place i got to know the limit but i didn’t get how to get the rate limit in GET request as like other stuff here

and i just want know how to get the sent direct messages by my twitter app…


is there anybody to help me out this…


i have also the same issue can anyone clearyfied it…


If you are talking about the limit for polling the GET endpoint then this is covered in the rate limits documentation:

Note that endpoints not listed in the chart default to 15 requests per allotted user. All request windows are 15 minutes in length


Thank you
but is there any way to get those limits dynamically


No, you should assume these limits are static.


ok cool, thank you.