Get Quoted Tweets with REST API



I’m trying to retrieve notifications for users of my application. One notification I can’t figure out how to get is when the user’s tweets are quoted. This seems to be available through the Streaming API, but not through the REST API. I would think that perhaps quoted tweets would be included in GET statuses/retweets_of_me, but as far as I can tell they’re not included. Does anyone know how to retrieve a user’s quoted tweets using the REST API?


You can use search API to get quotes of tweets, if you specify a tweet permalink (url encoded) as a query, eg:

Quotes of


Thanks for the response. The problem with this idea is that I’d have to execute a search query for every tweet the user has sent, which just wouldn’t work. I’m wondering if there is a way to retrieve quoted tweets of the user’s tweets without executing a bunch of searches.


Quoted tweets technically aren’t classed as Retweets which is why they don’t appear in statuses/retweets_of_me

I do wish they’d appear in the /statuses/mentions timeline as they do on official apps


Definitely pretty annoying that there’s no way to get these from the REST API. Thanks for the info.!


Any update on this? It would be good to hear what the situation is from someone at Twitter.

Currently, if someone quotes one of our tweets we simply won’t know about it!
As others have already said, running a search for every tweet a user has made just doesn’t scale (I’d imagine that stands both for us using the API, and the load doing so would cause on Twitter’s servers).

I like @richardhyland’s idea of including them with mentions, which would meet our use case, but would also be happy if this was available in a separate timeline. It just needs to be made available somehow, particularly with how popular quote tweets have become.


Is it possible to create a request for this endpoint somehow?


Any update on this?

I think the @richardhyland’s idea is the correct way to fix this.


Using search/twitter i can get only quote tweet with this query: “[@USERNAME]/status/ exclude:retweets exclude:replies -filter:media”