Get number of retweet of any URL with new Twitter API 1.1


i’ve a question about new twitter API 1.1

Now i use: and i get number of retweet of any URL.

Wich is the new function in API 1.1 to get number of retweet of any URL?



That is an undocumented endpoint that is not permitted for use in any version of the API.


Is there no alternative to get retweet by url?


Counting in real time using the Streaming API is the recommended approach.



@episod, can you provide an example using the above APIs that you mention?






Inside of each record from there is a attribute called “retweeted_status”, witch has the “retweet_count” that you seek.


Did anyone find a way for this to work? The problem I see with using the streaming API, is that it returns a list of all of the tweets containing the url, where all we need is the count, and it is limited to 100 replies. For a high traffic link this is not going to work.