Get named (partner) places



Found some tweets in mobile timeline with a visible place name from partners like yelp or foursquare. e.g. Tweets at - Tesla Supercharger

Now i try to get available places to the mobile twitter from API (lookup,search,geo). Only way i found right now is to first search by Lat/Lng, then check every tweet if there is a vendor_info and use that place_id to be visible. As there is a rate limit, i mostly can’t run till i found one.

Is there another way to find partner place_id’s, that are visible in twitter stream?
Probably a partner location mapping is available or the place_id can be translated?

Thanks for support.


Hi @knowLED, the mapping data of place_ids to yelp or foursquare IDs is not accessible in it’s entirety. Your approach would work, although it is admittedly very cumbersome.