GET lists/statuses not returning full list



I have a list that contains over 1000 items. In my application I am making paginated requests for the list statuses, requesting 200 items at a time. I am making a maximum of 5 API calls to GET lists/statuses with the appropriate parameters max_id and since_id; I only want to retrieve a maximum of 1000 items from the list, so I never make more than 5 calls. API call 1 to 4 all return 200 items each time, but on the 5th call, I am only getting returned between 0 and 6 items (a few times I received 4 items, one time 6, and since last week 0 items). I know for a fact that there are > 1000 items in the list so I am not sure why the API is not returning more items.

I was able to reproduce the behaviour using twitter’s API console so I know that it is not an error in my application.

Does anyone know why I might not be able to retrieve all items from a list?


Hi, could you please help me to provide the flow of API status.
How it’s implemented here.