GET lists/list returns only first 100 lists


When using GET lists/list instead of v1 GET lists, there are important differences, although the documentation states that:
“This method used to be GET lists in version 1.0 of the API and has been renamed for consistency with other call”.

Issue #1 - GET lists/list returns only the first 100 lists. This is not documented and there’s no cursor support.

Issue #2 - GET lists/list returns different content than the v1 call. GET lists returns just lists owned by the user, and GET lists/list returns all subscribed lists.


I also am in same situation.

The API’s target user owns 18 lists, and subscribing 134 lists.
“GET lists/list” returns first 100 lists in all subscribing lists, so can’t obtain lists owned.

Is this a bug?
Or is there other way to obtain lists owned in this case?


“GET lists/list” returns all lists the authenticating or specified user subscribes to, including their own.
"GET lists/ownerships"returns the lists owned by the specified Twitter user.