Get list of apps to manage


Dear Twitter Staff,
I 'm a newbie. I 'm trying to get app_list associated with the current account (like the image below)

But i didn’t find any documents to get them :frowning:
Could you show me the way to get/create App_list via the Twitter Ads API?
I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi @themoon287! All I could find is and, but no way of getting the apps in your print screen. I guess those apps can be grouped in an app_list and then you can retrieve the app_list along with its apps.


hi all,

@majoritasdev But is not the same. I think the screenshot you’re showing to us ins not available in the Ads API as an endpoint. Correct me If i’m wrong.


@hector_borras: yes, I couldn’t find it either (I wrote in my previous post that the app lists are something else).


Hi @majoritasdev,
I’d tried it. But the data returned are not what i am expecting.
Firstly, I 'd a thought like you . After that, when i used to post a new app successfully. But i don’t see it in Twitter Ads UI :frowning:
So, i changed my mind :frowning: I strongly agree with @hector_borras .
At the end, I hope to get support from Twitter Staff.


But you don’t need it to promote your campaigns.

When you create a card with the ads API you should provide appstore identifier or google play identifier


Thank for your help @hector_borras.
In another point, how can i DELETE APP_LIST ?? I have trouble with “The number of app lists for the account exceeds the limit of 100.” :frowning: