Get home_timeline for a specific user


Hi, I would like to get the home_timeline tweets for a specific user, such as GET statuses/home_timeline currently does for the authenticated user but for another specified user.

Is there a way I can do this?

Currently TweetDeck does have this feature, and the information I’m willing to obtain is publicly available by manually browsing through the user following list and getting each user’s latest tweets.

Is Twitter API Dev team thinking on adding a request for this, by adding for example a parameter “user_id” to the existing statuses/home_timeline API request?

Thank you.


Thanks for the suggestion - currently we don’t have an API to support this as it would usually be applied for the authenticating user, rather than letting a user “see” what another user sees in his or her timeline.


I’ll have to do it manually then, too bad there are those API rate limits for the requests.
I’ll have to figure it out how to do this. Thanks.


Hi, did you find a solution to this already? I am also looking for the exact same functionality… Thanks for any update on this!


We have no news to share on plans to grab home timelines for users your app is not authenticated as. If you can provide a solid use case then this may be something that we can consider as a future feature request, but there is no way to do this in the API today.


Ok, I would just like to understand which tweets a user likely views. I am assuming that each user likely sees all tweets of the users he/she is following, unless they are muted. I would thus read the list of followers and read all their tweets which allows reconstruction of the home_timeline. Am I missing something? Thanks for your support!


Muted and blocked users will not be visible, and unless you are authenticated as that user, you won’t know which other users they have blocked or muted - so this is not straightforward.


Yes I can provide a solid use case, tweetdeck ( lets you do so, so I thought it would be right to let us developers do so for our applications too.


Tweetdeck lets you see a user timeline (which is available via statuses/user_timeline) - this is not the same as seeing another user’s home timeline.


TweetDeck actually does allow you to view another user’s home timeline (see but Andy’s right that we don’t offer an API for third parties to enable this.


D’oh! well I stand corrected!