GET geo/search syntax


I want to use the geo/search method and I am interested how the syntax of the “query” parameter works. As far as I have understood from a little demo I implemented, if you pass a city and a country (separated by a space), places that match at least one of them are returned. Is there a way to form more complex queries like searching for phrases or finding a certain city in a certain country, so the results are filtered in a better way?

Thanks for your answers.


Have a look at the documentation, there is for example a contained_within parameter, which you could use for your purpose I guess.


Thanks for the answer. As far as I understood, if you don’t have the placeId of the surrounding area/country etc. (of course this could be retrieved by another call, but there might also be mutiple results which would have to be processed and I am rather looking for a one-statement-solution), there seems to be no possibility to make a direct query with a query term as “Paris, France”.
What about mutiple-word-places as “New York”? Is there a native way to search for such a phrase or is this a matter of processing the result?