Get friends list


I’m using in iOS to get a user’s friends (the ones he’s following, according to documentation), but get his followers instead (as in

What am i doing wrong?


That’s really odd - I’ve just tried this against my own account and I’m definitely getting users being followed from the friends endpoint, and followers from the followers endpoint.

Does this only happen on iOS?
Are you able to reproduce using e.g. twurl? Does this only happen with a specific account?


I figured out most of the problem: using friends/list.json method returned only 1 item, and that was the only one following my account and which i’m also following (i’m following more than one account) so when i got a 1-item list i thought it was returning the followers. to verify i stopped following and went through the process again and got the same result, that time it was because twitter wasn’t updated already.

so now the refined problem is that friends/list.json returns a 1-item list. and if i use friends/ids.json i get the full list.
i don’t understand why i only get 1 item