Get Following List with Twitter API


What is the best way to gather all of the people I am following on Twitter? I know that I can use the “/friends/list” API call which returns 100 people, however, this is limited to 15 calls. This means I could AT MOST return 1500 people. What happens if I am following more than 1500 people? Would I have to wait 15 minutes?

Also, I know I could use the API call “/friends/ids” to return up to 5000 results, but I would need to fetch the user information for each user.

Is there an easy way to accomplish this without running out the Twitter rate limit?



Did you find a way to do it?


Get all ids with /friends/ids, and user info with users/lookup (get 100 users per call) this is more efficient than /friends/list for large numbers of friends or followers


Ok thanks.