GET followers/list and GET friends/list not returning more than 20 users anymore




I just noticed that recently, GET followers/list and GET friends/list only (and always) return 20 users per request, although the parameter “count” has been set to 200 since i started developing my app ( No matter what I do and how i change my source code, i only get back 20 users instead of the requested 200 all the time.

Is this a common issue, or was my app limited down to 20 users per page?

My request in php looks something like this:

$connection = new TwitterOAuth(CONSUMER_KEY, CONSUMER_SECRET, oauth_token, oauth_token_secret); $j = $connection->get('followers/list', array('user_id' => 12345, 'count' => 200, 'cursor' => 1234567890));



So after a lot of testing i found out, that the value “200” for parameter “count” is always ignored, but not if I set it e.g. to 199, 100, 50, 18, or 2. In other words, I can’t get 200 users, but 199 works. What’s the deal here? This can’t be intended to behave like that?


It’s a known issue. There’s a response from twitter in this thread: Friends/list count issue


Thank you for the link/thread!