Get Followers' last tweets



I am working on a project for which I need to pull data concerning the followers’ activity. I would like to measure their twitter activtiy, ie. the time since their last tweet. My solution so far is to send a GET on followers/llist and set skip_status to false so that I can extract the created_at value of those tweets. On paper, this works but that quickly ran into a brick wall called the call limit.

The accounts I am trying to analyze have around 60k+ followers each which means that at best it would take me about 300 requests to get them all. And because of the rate limit, that implies 10 15-minute sessions… While looking around on several analytics platforms, I found that Social Bro has such a metric :

Is there a workaround to achieving such result without hitting the rate limit, that I didn’t think of ?

Thank you very much in advance for your help !



One other option is using the filter streams, and looking for those specific users. However, this has limits depending on the # of accounts you want to follow.


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