GET campaigns intermittently not returning any data



We are running into issues with the GET campaigns endpoint intermittently not returning any data when requesting all campaigns.

Here is a sample twurl session demonstrating the behavior we are experiencing.

request a single campaign (id 4bkkb) - always seem to work

$ date && twurl -H "/0/accounts/4no6av/campaigns/4kbbk"|jsonpretty
Thu Mar 24 15:13:06 CDT 2016
 "request": {
   "params": {
     "campaign_id": "4kbbk",
     "account_id": "4no6av"
 "data_type": "campaign",
 "data": {
   "name": "lars test ad group start/end dates",
   "start_time": "2016-03-22T18:22:00Z",
   "reasons_not_servable": [
   "servable": false,
   "daily_budget_amount_local_micro": 100000,
   "end_time": "2016-03-23T20:22:39Z",
   "funding_instrument_id": "i010e",
   "duration_in_days": null,
   "standard_delivery": true,
   "total_budget_amount_local_micro": null,
   "id": "4kbbk",
   "paused": true,
   "account_id": "4no6av",
   "frequency_cap": null,
   "currency": "USD",
   "created_at": "2016-03-22T18:23:02Z",
   "updated_at": "2016-03-22T18:23:02Z",
   "deleted": false

request all campaigns (only returns data on occasion)

$ date && twurl -H "/0/accounts/4no6av/campaigns"|jsonpretty
Thu Mar 24 15:13:14 CDT 2016
 "request": {
   "params": {
     "account_id": "4no6av"
 "data": [

 "data_type": "campaign",
 "total_count": 0,
 "next_cursor": null

Any idea what is going on?



I was able to reproduce this happening and it appears to be an internal error that is not properly surfacing as a 503. I would not expect this to happen when hitting the /:id single ID endpoint.

Thanks for reporting and flagging this issue.




Thanks for the update. Any info on if this has been resolved or not? We have some reports of users apparently still running into issues today with campaigns occasionally not downloading - but haven’t been able to reproduce it again myself.