Get Campaign IDs through Version V1



As per the V1 API document it is mandatory to pass entity_ids in the request.

In version V0 I was referring this URL to get the entity_ids/campaign_ids. I am not able to get this request through version V1.

Do I need to use V0 to get campaign_ids and V1 to get stats or is there any other document which I am missing?

Deepak Garg


Hi @DeepakGarg89! The v1 call to should work, so let’s see why this is not working for you. Please post the raw http request you’re making, and the raw http response.


You should be able to continue to call campaigns endpoint and you can confirm with a Twurl call like this:

twurl -H ‘/1/accounts/:account_id/campaigns?sort_by=updated_at-desc’

For many of the endpoints (all besides those called out specifically in migration guide) it’s simply a matter of changing the 0 to a 1.

The entity_id is simply a catch all and not a separate type of ID being returned (to call for Campaign stats simply pass the campaign_id as the entity_id)

Good luck with your migration!