Get business page list via Twitter API / SDK


Hi All,

I am using TweetSharp.dll, v2.0.0.0 DLL to develop my application. My requirement is to get list of twitter business pages (@PageHandle, Id, Name). e.g. If i say business page for “Dominos”, then it should give me all business pages created as @dominos xxxxx

I have completed authentication & authorization part. Here is where i am facing a problem

I tried using “Search API” as below

This gives me a list of records (tweets, users, business pages) having “@dominos”, but i need only those records which is of type business page.

FYI… TweetSharp.dll example below

SearchOptions options = new SearchOptions();
options.Count = 1;
options.IncludeEntities = true;
options.Q = "dominos";
options.Resulttype = TwitterSearchResultType.Popular;
TwitterSearchResult result = new TwitterService().Search(options);

Any idea how to nail this down?

Thanks in Advance
Nital Soni