Get All User Tweet from begining



Hello Guys,
sorry i’m new from using Twitter Rest API.
is it possible to get all user tweet from the very begining tweet?
i already search on internet but they said its a limit getting user tweet (just 3200 tweet).
is it any other way to get all user tweet from the very begining tweet?


That’s correct, the limit on a user timeline is 3200 Tweets, and the limit on the search API is 7 days of history.

The only reliable way to get all the Tweets for an individual user via API is to use one of our commercial Gnip products.

As an alternative, if you have direct access to the account i.e. it is your own account, you can request your account archive via settings, and you will receive a zip file containing the Tweet data. This is not the same as using an API.


ok andypiper nice info :slight_smile: :thumbsup:
thank you


The commercial option you suggested is of searching historical full archive of Twitter’s DB. But if I still want ‘all’ the tweets beyond 3200 from individual user, can I request Twitter for any commercial access?

The commercial full archive historical search may not give me ‘all’ the tweets from a user’s timeline, as it provides only ‘public’ data. I am particularly interested in user’s timeline tweets.


None of Twitter’s APIs serve non-public data.


Thank you very much for the quick response.