Get all user likes



Good day!
Is it possible to get the number of all likes on the page of the logged in user?
One option was to request all tweets, but it does not always work, since the search allows you to view tweets from the last 7 days. And limit for 3200 posts for year may be problem for that case of use


No, there is no API endpoint that can provide all the likes - only the past 200 likes are available (on GET favorites/list).


How about twitter “Asynchronous Analytics”? On tweeter analytics I can see count of all engagements, including likes. Is it possible to use it through api?


I can’t speak to this page, as I’m not on the Ads team. Any information pulled from the Ads API would be limited in scope to your advertising content though.

If you are looking for the complete volume of likes per account, that is simply not possible via our APIs. We have other tools that you can find like information for smaller volumes of Tweets, but it will require some post-processing on your part.


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