Get all tweets



i’m using the twitter ads api v1
i want to get the data in tweet level so the entites i will send organic tweet and promoted tweet
so i just want to get the entity_ids for all tweets ,
is there a way to get all the tweets ?

Thanks in advance,


Hey @Asad

You can use the GET scoped_timeline endpoint to retrieve the information you’re looking for.



Hey @imit8me
thanks for reply ,

i tried to use the end point you mentiond above,
i got returend items = > size = 521 tweets (i tried even with scoped_to equal to none got 298)
i use also the promoted tweets also =>
i got 9414 promoted tweets.

so it look weird ? is the response are only the organic tweets or both organic and promoted and why in the end point for the promoted tweets return more than the regular one .



any update ? how can i get organic tweets ?

someone can help with the issue ?


Hey @Asad

You can use the GET scoped_timeline endpoint to get both organic and Promoted Tweets. To get organic only Tweets, use the scoped_to=followers and to get Promoted Tweets, use the param scoped_to=none

Hope that answers your question!