Get all tweets containing # between dates



I would like to create a website that uses the twitter REST api’s to display visually some information.

What I would like to achive:

  • Search and bring back a selection of tweets from one user, then select 1 specific tweet to display and take information from such as how many likes etc.
  • Search for a hashtag and get back all tweets containing that hashtag between a specific time-frame.
  • Can I do two different searches for two different hashtags on the same website/api call?

Thank you


This is possible via the search API or the timeline API. Search has a history of 7 days, and the timeline has a limit of 3200 Tweets within a reasonable period.

This is possible via the search API, although the index is not complete and the time frame would have to be within the past seven days.

Yes, you can use OR and AND operators on the search API call.