Get all the users somebody is following to filter the ones that have a text in their description


I have unsuccesfully trying to find something that accomplish the following. I wonder if it is possible with the API of Twitter. If not, it would explain why I haven’t been able to find it.

I’m interested in the people that a person is following. I could check every person of that list manually, but it is a huge list. I’d like to filter the people of that list according to a criteria like some words of their descriptions.

Example: Anna is following 1000 users. We want to filter the users who have USA in their profile description. Another filter could be the users who have written fishing in some tweet.

How to do it with Twitter? Is it possible? Is it possible with a 3rd application? Does the Twitter API allow it?


Your best bet programmatically is the friends endpoint:

There may be a limit of pages returned with regard to users, so be aware of that beforehand. The filtering will need to be done manually on your side, and particular looking for tweets of specific users may hit rate limits when querying their statuses:


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