Get All Public Feeds of Twitter


Hi all

I am developing an application in which I required all the public tweets of an area.

Let I entered latitude and longitude of a location then it will return all the tweets id only(no message required for now).
I Searched Los Angeles then it will return all the tweet id at that latitude and longitude including all tweets nearer to that geocode.

I searched in web(Google).
but not found any good solution.Finally i tried,85.000.

but above URL showing authentication required.

My Queries:

  1. Is Twitter providing such API to solve my requirement?
  2. If no then how to contact with twitter to get this one done.(Approximately how much it will cost.)?

Please help

Thanks in advance


Authentication is required for all of our APIs – you’ll need to authenticate. The Streaming API you mentioned is likely your best bet for tracking a small number of explicitly geotagged tweets in real time. If your needs are broader, consider a third party reseller of Twitter data: [node:10382].