Get ALL_ON_TWITTER and PUBLISHER_NETWORK placement results in only one call


Is there a way to get results for ALL_ON_TWITTER and PUBLISHER_NETWORK placement results in one single call? Our clients are delivering campaigns on both placements simultaneously, using ranges with more than 7 days. So imagine how complex is our work to call the asyncronous JOBs stats endpoint twice to get all results.
If there is not a way, any plans to support placement=ALL_CHANNELS any time soon ?

Impressions from API does not match Twitter´s UI

In this case, what I recommend to you is to store the stats in your side :smiley:


@hector_borras thats kinda surreal.
We have daily cron jobs gathering stats for hundreds of campaigns, several of them with more then seven days. This will basically double our infra consumption. I can’t believe that this is a part of the API made “by design”.
Moreover, I also doubt that the native ads panel is summing up the metrics (think that to deliver CTR, CPV, etc, they cant just sum up). So, they probably have this endpoint already.
This API keeps surprising me, my clients and my developers with such crazyness!!


And maybe that’s the thing you should improve. We do more or less the same, storing those stats in our side, getting stats every 20 minutes, but no retrieving stats for days older than 72 hours, because they don’t change.