Get all follweer id not only 5000


I am using the code below get 5000 follower ids, how would i go about using a courser so that i can get all the follower which dont make the first five thousand list. I dont quite undertand how to use coursers so can i get a better reply then the website URL which expalins it or give me an example of the code below

         string timeLineJson = string.Empty;
        IAuthenticate authenticate = new Authenticate();
        AuthResponse twitAuthResponse = authenticate.AuthenticateMe(AuthenticateSettings);

        var url = "";
        // Do the timeline
        var utility = new Utility();
        timeLineJson = utility.RequstJson(url, twitAuthResponse.TokenType, twitAuthResponse.AccessToken, "timeline");
        dynamic dynObj = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(timeLineJson);


See [node:10362] for some tips on working with cursors. You need to take the next_cursor_str value from the response of your first request and use that as the cursor parameter in your next.