Get Ads Data Daily - only for campaigns running on a given date



We are trying to get historic Ads data from our accounts. We would like to only get the response for campaigns that are active on any given date.


The only way to do this right now is to use fairly simple criteria such as “could have been serving that date” (after start date, before end date, not deleted), and please be aware that for conversions the conversions can come in after the campaign has stopped running (so need to refresh for some # of days even after the campaign has stopped running).

For historical backfilling, please be sure to slowly sync the data using the batch analytics endpoint using exponential backoff and you should be able to safely go back to the start date of the entities to the end date, with empty data rows coming back in between.

For ongoing syncing, the implementation pointed to here is pretty close to what we imagine you should do for filtering items to fetch for that particular day: How to tell if Promoted Tweet is currently active?