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We’re trying to figure out how to get the spend by creative and by day, and I haven’t been able to find a good way to do this via the API. I have a couple questions related to this:

  1. Is there a way to get the amount spent on a card by day? It seems like the stats endpoint for cards ( should give this to me based on the parameters of the request and the fact that the example response includes the billed_charge_local_micro metric, but I can’t seem to get it to return that metric to me, even when I request billed_charge_local_micro specifically.

  2. Similarly, is there a way to get stats for tweets that were used as creatives in a campaign? Specifically, we’d be looking for billed_charge_local_micro by creative and by day again here for tweet creatives?

  3. Alternatively, is there a way to tie campaigns to the creatives that are part of that campaign and the spend on each creative for a given day? I’m able to pull the spend for campaigns by day, but can’t really connect that to what creatives that money was spent on.

TPN promoted tweet campaigns billed_charge_local_micro still 0

Hi @ghazvinian,

  1. As of December 2014, billed_charge_local_micro is deprecated from cards stats endpoints - the data returned at that level could be misleading. Apologies for the outdated documentation, I’ve marked those docs for an update.
    To get spend on cards, the best practice is to pull the metrics from the
    promoted_tweets that have used the given card. These values are unambiguous
    and meet your needs for understanding spend on cards.

  2. I’m not sure what you mean by a Tweet creative? Is that just the Tweet + Card pairing?

  3. If you want metrics on the tweet-level, you are going to have to query on the promoted_tweet. If your campaigns are all tweets, it might make sense to only pull the data on the individual tweets and then do the addition on your end. There is no campaign metric that will itemize by tweet.


@ghazvinian the Card stats endpoints were deprecated on 7/2/2015 and we no longer support pulling stats on the Card level like those endpoints previously provided. As Jill already noted, you should instead be pulling the stats you need on a promoted tweet or line item level as per our best practices for stats calls.

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