GET accounts endpoint problem


Hi All,

We are having some problems with this endpoint

In the documentation you have the following in the responce
"approval_status": “ACCEPTED”, “created_at”: “2012-11-28T22:38:43Z”, “deleted”: false,

but we get this
"approval_status": “ACCEPTED”, “created_at”: “2014-01-22T14:43:35Z”, “deleted”: ,

for deleted we get an empty parametar so we do not know how to handle this is this same as false or not


Could you provide us with a twurl request that reproduces this behavior?

I am not able to reproduce this behavior on my own account.


this is the twurl request

twurl -H /0/accounts/

This is responce

{“request”:{“params”:{}},“data”:[{“name”:“esome engine Dev”,“timezone”:“Europe/Berlin”,“timezone_switch_at”:“2015-07-14T22:00:00Z”,“id”:“18ce53ymk7m”,“created_at”:“2015-03-26T16:24:42Z”,“salt”:“23d8dbb0fcbe9d2d8b0d8fdbc42b101b”,“updated_at”:“2015-12-25T11:01:03Z”,“approval_status”:“ACCEPTED”,“deleted”:}],“data_type”:“account”,“total_count”:1,“next_cursor”:null}

The problem is that this does not happen all the time for example yesterday it happend 2 out of 10 times for our dev account


That’s very odd.

I just did twurl -H "/0/accounts" | jq . ~25 times and I am consistently getting back "deleted": false". I will keep trying to reproduce this.

For the time being, and while we try to reproduce this, how about you make use of the with_deleted parameter to ensure you are getting the results you expect without having to worry about the deleted field?