Get access of developer APIs for twitter Quick Replies



I read article on twitter blog - mentioning about latest release of Welcome message and quick replies.

This article also mentioned that for quick replies APIs features are currently in private beta.

and asked to submit this form if you want to use them.

I did that and submitted the form, but not received any notification after that.
Does anyone has any idea how to use those APIs or get access for those APIs?


Hi @sharadg9099, we are currently keeping the beta very small and collecting applications for when we open the beta wider. Expect some news around this within the next couple of months.


Hi @joncipriano any updates on this?


The two features you mentioned in your original post were released to public beta earlier this year and anyone can use them. Documentation here. You should have received an email from our developer marketing team, but it might have gone into your spam.

If you want to activate a webhook you’ll need to apply for access here.


Ohhh Yes.

Thanks for this. :slight_smile: