GET /1.1/lists/show.json with a valid list_id returning 404 most of the time, occasionally returning the expected 200



We’re having a problem with the /1.1/lists/show.json endpoint. Most of the time it responds with a 404 for a valid list_id parameter, and occasionally (perhaps 10% of the time) returns 200 with the expected data.

I captured a couple of responses with apigee of it working[1] and not working[2].




Based on the headers, x-rate-limit-remaining is 0 when it fails; while I presume this should be returning a different error message, are you trying to make too many requests to it? If you’re making hundreds of requests to it, 10% success rate might be right, but depends on how many you’re making, however x-rate-limit-remaining being 0 suggests you’re making too many.


No, this just happened to be the last request before the rate limit kicked in. Just to be sure, I re-did just now. Here’s another failing request with 10 API requests remaining:


Same happens to me. 1.1/lists/show.json using list_id for just created lists fails with a 404. If I use the slug and owner_screen_name params then it works.


I’m getting 404 with create_all function as well. I am using valid ids/screen_names