Hello i am new in the use of the twitter API. How do I locate the tweets of a specific region?


You’ll want to look at the geo operator on the search API. There’s a page on that here.

Two important things to understand:

  • The search API is optimised for recency, not completeness, and has roughly a 7 day history window;
  • Only a very small proportion of Tweets overall are geotagged by the users that post them, so the results are very often quite limited.


There is no way to locate these tweets without they being geotagged?


Correct - geo data is not automatically associated with any Tweets, it is up to the user to choose to add that information at their own discretion when they post.


Ah ok that’s why it’s limited. But the result of the geotagged tweets can be how much percentage


About 1-2% of all Tweets in general.


it’s complicated. And there is way to group the tweets according to the events and count them?


Not in the API, but you could implement that in code.


OK, thanks. For my work of the school I really needed to locate the tweets and group them according to the regions


Hello Mr. andypiper is there way to recover the IP address of the person who tweet?


No. That would be an even more serious privacy violation than providing geo information when a user had not opted to explicitly add it to a Tweet. This data is not available.


But is it possible to group the tweets by age in the code?


That’s a coding issue, not a Twitter API issue - you could just check the dates on the Tweet objects and do your own grouping.