Geocode returning results outside of radius



I sometimes get strange results while searching for tweets with a geocode. For example, this endpoint searches tweets near Iceland:えろー&geocode=64.135666%2C-21.862675%2C500km

and it returns this tweet: which seems to be from Japan. I know that there is a fallback to the user location, but the user seems to be pretty far away from Iceland in this case. There are other examples like this if I search with the same geocode and different query.

Is the query wrong? What can I do to restrict the results only to the location I specified?


I’m having the same issue. If I set the search location to say Detroit, MI, I will get mostly results from or around Detroit. But I may get one from England, or Japan, or some random location, and not sure why.


There’s nothing to stop users setting their locations as outside of the physical area that the Tweet may be sent from. Adding location to a Tweet is an opt-in setting that only the user can influence.