Geo Tagged tweets


Based on volumes reported, there are about 7000 tweets per second amounting to 600M tweets per day. We are running Twitter streaming api to get only tweets with Geo coordinates which has been said to be approximately 1% of all tweets.

  1. So in 4 days, should we be expecting a ball park of 7000 * 60 * 60 * 24 * 0.01 * 4 = 24M tweets? I understand web feeds are highly skewed per day sometimes but looking for a ballpark here considering nothing major has happened in the last 4 days to make Twitter feed go frenzy.
  2. Would Enterprise API help with the change in location reporting? Gnip used to have Geo enrichment. Can that be added to tweets? Cost, rates and volume data will be helpful.


Volumes would depend on whether or not the areas you’re looking for happen to have users who choose to geo tag their Tweets.

The Profile Geo enrichment would increase volumes, but be aware that the enrichment is based on profile information, rather than where a Tweet is necessarily posted from.


Thanks Andy for a quick reply. I understand about the user privacy settings. I am trying to find out if it will be helpful to get firehose access. Currently, we just filter tweets based on location coordinates and if Geo location is available. But considering the public streaming API avails only 1% of all records, I feel an Enterprise API will be able to increase the volume faster considering even 10% access would be quite a manifold as well as full firehose.
I am looking for some pricing as well as any third party support. I am using Twitter4j which can access it both via normal streaming and firehose.
Geo enrichment does not seem to be what I am looking for. Thanks for clarifying!!