GEO search returning very few results


Starting late in the evening on April 21st, I noticed that we that search requests with a geocode parameter are now typically returning around 1 or 2 geo-tagged results results (and 98 or 99 results without Geo information) when 100 were requested, and where there is well over geo results 100 available.

Previously they would return close to the full 100 (with just the odd deleted ones removed I imagine).

This means now that if you search back in time now by paginating, you hit a zero result page rather quickly, even though there clearly are more available back ‘past’ the empty result set, and still within the week.

A very simple example that reproduces this problem is this request which searches for mentions of ‘melbourne’ within 1000mi of Atlanta. Just now it only returned 1 geo results and 99 results without geo information , but clearly there are many, many thousands of these over the last week :


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