/geo/search parameters "contained_within", "attribute:" not changing result set?



I’m working with the REST API v1.1 and finding that adding the contained_within and attribute parameters does not alter the results of the query.

For example, if I query for all "poi"s matching the query “pizza” I get the following results:

(if apigee snapshots are not desirable, I can edit this post to include the somewhat verbose information)

If I take the same query, and add “contained_within:4797714c95971ac1” (the place id for China) I get the following results:

which are the same results… which are all contained within the US…

The first result given (id 33332f2500000000) has a street_address attribute, so I’ll use it to demonstrate the issue with “attribute:”. The street address for that place is: “3441 W Northern Ave” so if we take our old query and swap “contained_within” for “attribute:street_address:3441 W Northern Ave”, I would expect that we would get a single result (the place with id 33332f2500000000), or at least only results with the street_address asked for.
What we get instead are:

which are the same results as the previous queries, including the results with street_address attributes that do not match our criteria.

Am I using the API wrong, such as giving values in the wrong format? Or is it not working correctly?