Geo/search not returning POIs


I’m trying to obtain a list of twitter locations given a query string, but I’m not able to get POI results, only neighbourhood, city, admin & country.

Example call:

giving result:

  "result":  {
    "places":  []
  "query":  {
    "url": "",
    "type": "search",
    "params":  {
      "accuracy": 0,
      "granularity": "poi",
      "query": "Twitter HQ",
      "autocomplete": false,
      "trim_place": false

Twitter HQ does certainly exist as a Twitter Place (247f43d441defc03), but will not appear in searches. Is anyone else experiencing this?


I am experiencing the same issue. Can somebody help? :sob:


@pi_kumar does this issue have something related to the Foursquare location data in the API that you posted? Please Help! Thanks!


I am also having this issue. Attempting to hit this api path below with no Twitter HQ poi being returned. The latitude and longitude is the location of the Twitter HQ office on market st.


Just trying to bump this topic up a bit- anyone find any solutions?