Geo-referenced tweets



Anyone know if there is a way to only specify geo-referenced tweets within the search/tweets API?
Previously specifying a geocode would return only tweets that had geo/coordinates (geo_enabled = true) but now it defaults to returning the users location/place specified in their profile which is pretty vague/less useful.



I believe the tweets’ geolocation is deprecated for the REST API as well. I’ve been looking into thousands of tweets and not a single one of them had a geolocation specified :confused:


I’ve seen a stat somewhere that only 1% of tweets have geo location meta data. It’s entirely possible you’re just not finding them. I don’t believe that the data has been removed.


There are a number of different locations fields on a status object. place, coordinates, and geo.

  • place is generally when a tweets references a venue or geographic area. This is generally the location information you will see populated as users will search for the nearby Starbucks or select the city they are in. Docs and example.
  • coordinates is the next attribute that could be set. It, I think, is always accompanied by place and is a specific lat/long coordinate. Users have to add location AND toggle “use precise location”. These are not very common.
  • geo is deprecated in favor of coordinates but is essentially the same.

Status Update with Geo Location

The geocode search parameter is documented as “The location is preferentially taking from the Geotagging API, but will fall back to their Twitter profile”. If you only want tweets with specific coordinates you’ll have to filter them locally or have a look at the Gnip has:geo filter.