/geo/* methonds returning not found error



I’ve noticed that all /geo/* methods are returning a not found error, I thought only the place creating was getting retired. Here is an example call with Apigee.com:

GET /1.1/geo/reverse_geocode.json?lat=-34.601&long=-58.365 HTTP/1.1
X-HostCommonName: api.twitter.com
Host: api.twitter.com
X-Target-URI: https://api.twitter.com
Connection: Keep-Alive

And the response I’m getting is a “Sorry, that page does not exist”, code 34.


Are all geo location methods getting retired then?



From what I can tell the method is still working, it just can’t find a location to respond with for the coordinates you’re sending.


Ahh! crap, Just tested with some US coordinates and indeed responds with places.

I guess it would be nicer if the response was an empty result set or at least a “No places found” instead of a cryptic 404 error.

Thank you.


Definitely agree the error could be more insightful. Thanks for the feedback.