Geo locations seriously wrong


We use the API to associate accurately mapped locations with individual Tweets. Recently this has been working really badly with international (i.e. non-US) locations.

We just tweeted from the city center of Kiev, Ukraine, for example, and the Tweet, as displayed in the right pane of, says it’s from “Russia”.
Recently we had a Tweet in a town in western Turkey marked as “Greece”, and we also tweeted from the city center of Tbilisi, Georgia and that too was marked as “Russia”. This may bring a smile to the face of some Russians on this list, but it’s not actually funny…

No reply from @geo nor from David @ Twitter who was once our contact for matters of geolocation.

We would just like to know if we should give up on geolocation?


Just wanted to add that at first I thought it was a bounding-box issue, as if locations that are not in Twitter’s database of places were dealt with in a simplistic (and potentially offensive) way. For another example, Ohrid, Macedonia being included in the bounding-box of Greece.

But locations in Kosovo, said by Twitter to be in Russia, can’t be explained that way. Check with your provider - someone may be messing with your latlons…

The API is very effective at returning the administrative division(s) for a latlon.


Thanks for the reports, I’ll forward to the team.


Hi Taylor,

Let’s get something done about this, please, it just makes us all look dumb. The country of Moldova is not in Russia, there’s the whole of Ukraine in between. These are countries with millions of people, sheesh…


I have the same problem. I’m sending tweets from Romania and it says I’m in Serbia? What’s wrong???


I’m tweeting from Romania and it locates me in Ukraine. Please fix this :slight_smile:


Same up here in Northern Canada. I’m in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, but everytime the location is pointed at Fort Smith, also in the Northwest Territories but wrong by about 800 miles.
Hope it’s an easy fix.


Hello! I had numerous reports that tweets from Slovenia were tagged as from neighbouring Italy. Trouble is that when someone clicks on a tag “from Italy” the actual location of sender is correctly shown on So the location would be some street in Ljubljana, Slovenia, however, tag would be “from Italy”. Although I’m somewhat relieverd that there are similar problems elsewhere this does not resolve it, as I don’t know who would be to blame and nudged to correct it.


Yes, same problem here. I’ve been in Lima and Cusco in Peru and the geo location says I’m in Brasil - that’s a completely different country.

Do any of these points get read ? I see no replies.