Geo is null almost every time



I’m fetching 100 tweets from the L.A.-area with a radius of 1000km and only get like 0 to 3 results with GEO filled.
Is this normal?

I’m Using the php-files of Abraham Williams with “” an OAuth
and this GET-function to do the search:

   * GET wrapper for oAuthRequest.
  function get($url, $parameters = array()) {
    $response = $this->oAuthRequest($url, 'GET', $parameters);
    if ($this->format === 'json' && $this->decode_json) {
      return json_decode($response);
    return $response;

The request data looks like this:


thank you!


Yes, not that many tweets are geocoded – you’re mostly getting tweets that are fuzzy matching on the user-defined location field. Also, you may want to use the “coordinates” field instead of the deprecated “geo” field.


thank you, I’ll switch to “coordinates”; is this the only field of exact locations?
(–> I dont need to get not a predefined place or area)



One last Question please:

I managed to find my test-tweet with a given location via the API.
The API-response shows no GEO, COORDINATES or PLACE information,
but in the Web-Frontend, Twitter shows this line of information below the status message:
" 2:58 PM - 13 Feb 13 von Mödling, Mödling · Details "

Where is this information about the tweet “Mödling” (name of a city) given in the JSON response?
(This is not the location of the user-profile)

Thank you!


Can you share the tweet ID for that tweet?