Geo coordinates give incorrect "geo-place-name" link


Sorry to come back to this longstanding issue but there seems to be no improvement.

We like to add geo coordinates to Tweets, however the logic that determines in which geopolitical entity a pair of coordinates lies does not work correctly for many non-US locations.

There seems to be a bounding-box approach that just doesn’t work for countries that are not rectangular…

The “geo-embedded-map” linked below is a recent example, showing Aleppo, Syria but boldly stating that it comes from Turkey.|shadow%3Afalse|37.495716%2C36.942279&|shadow%3Afalse|37.42595113%2C36.942279&path=fillcolor%3A0xFF000033|color%3A0xFF000055|weight%3A1|enc%3AkrryEgns{Ca_le%40%3F%3F_~|sB`_le%40%3F%3F~}|sB&client=gmetrial-twitter&signature=ZDL7aLRMr6Sga1Xux-XSEOnAUp4=

Geonames gets it right:

Why can’t Twitter?


It looks like the Google static map can’t be displayed when not referred by a Tweet.

Here is the Google map link that is labled, “from Turkey”.


Geonames response (for those who encounter a ‘limit exceeded’ error: