Geo Blocking Video Media



Hi guys,

I’m looking for a way to geo-block an uploaded video due to media usage rights.

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this feat without hosting the video myself?



There’s no feature available for us to help with that for videos uploaded and hosted on Twitter, sorry. I think your best option would be hosting elsewhere.


hello @andypiper … are there any updates on this? … we’ve seen 3rd. party platforms that do geoblock twitter native video posts …


Can you describe in more detail what you are trying to achieve and what you expect? A lot has changed in 2 years in this area, but the options in terms of the developer platform are potentially more limited.

There are some features in Twitter’s Media Studio for video publishers that may help, but there is nothing in the developer platform that would enable geo-blocking that I’m aware of, so the general advice would be that you’ll need to discuss with the business team if that’s the case.

The only thing I can think of that would trickle through to the API is that certain media can be marked as non-embeddable outside of Twitter’s own apps, but that may not go as far as what you are requesting here.


Thanks for answering @andypiper ! … I’ll describe in more detail:

1.- Via our publishing platform we use Twitter’s API to publish native twitter video posts
2.- The content in those videos NEEDS to be geo-blocked due to copyrights rules
3.- We’ve seen native Twitter videos, uploaded by 3rd. party publishing platforms, that when trying to play them in a territory that doesn’t have rights they show a message like this: This video can’t play in your region.

How can we do this? is there a private API for business that allows this?


@andypiper any clue that can guide us?


There is nothing in the API that supports this. Are you using Media Studio at all?

Note that we are unable to help with features that are not part of the developer platform via these forums.