Generating Automated Ads Stat Reporting


Hi there. I’m not completely clued up on the development side of things so please bear with me. For a project we are looking to do, we want to build an automated reporting system to track how our campaigns are doing and compare this with our lead data. So for instance, right now we would go to the Twitter Ads Manager, select Today and export the data such as results (clicks), campaign name, impressions etc. So I am looking at getting this exact data on a daily basis automatically through the Twitter API. I have looked through the API docs but would like some further guidance on here. So is it possible to achieve what I want and if so, how would I go about doing it? For example, if I export the daily data through ads manager I receive the following:

  • Time Period
  • Placement
  • Campaign Name
  • Objective
  • Edit URL
  • Status
  • Campaign Start
  • Campaign End
  • Total Budget
  • Impressions
  • Spend
  • Results
  • Result Type
  • Result Rate
  • Result Rate Type
  • Cost Per Result
  • Cost Per Result Type
  • Daily Budget

I would basically like to go to our developer and provide him with all the reference points for the stats we would like to track.


Hi @boyle111,

It sounds like you are looking for our Analytics endpoints, which are described here. In addition, review the metrics page here which shows segmentation needed in the endpoints. If there is something you cannot specifically find in the documentation please reach out.