Gdpr & streaming feeds / WordPress plugin 'Feed Them Social'


Hi, I am using a WordPress plugin (Feed Them Social) to display a twitter feed on a clients website.

As we are located in Austria we have to deal with the General Data Protection Regulation /GDPR now …

I now would like to know: if I use this plugin the way it’s used on (right sidebar) - just to display a feed of a clients page - without a Like Button etc. Is there a risk / a transfer of personal data (e.g. IP address etc.) to twitter or does the plugin ONLY grab infos from twitter to display and does NOT send information to twitter?

According to the developer it ‘SHOULD BE’ OK - but I need to know for sure.

Developer says: "The data is being pulled from Facebooks Graph API and Twitter through their API we arent really saving any data besides cashing some posts its retrieving for the time that is set on the global options tab on the settings page under the Feed Them tab when logged into your wordpress dashboard

The only information transfered to both is the username and the api tokens."

Could anyone provide a link or a statement that specifies what kind of data is transferred to twitter to get the stream.

Is there a tool that shows me what information is transferred - besides from the browser’s console?

Thank you in advance! Martina


At the moment, our available information on GDPR is posted here. We’re unable to comment further on any potential changes on the API side at this time.


We’ve published more today here Upcoming changes to the developer platform and on our GDPR hub and Twitter blogs. Thank you.