Gather location and date specific tweets



I would like to show a timeline of tweets from a specific date and within a radius of a specific location, but then all dynamic, depending on the page you visit.
In the old API, I could create a search string and replace the parameters with variables.
In the new API, it looks as if I need to have a static search per API.
Is that correct, or is it still possible to do it the ‘old’ way?


Not certain what you mean by “old” and “new” API - the search API endpoint has not changed behaviour or format for at least 5 years.

In order to build an embedded timeline for a search query, you’ll need to configure a widget in your account settings. There’s no option to do this dynamically. Be aware that a search timeline will only show Tweets up to about 1 week old, and there’s no way to do this for a specific date in the past.


Hi Andy,
Thanks for your quick reply.
It could very well be way more than 5 years ago, somewhere in the early days of Twitter.
This was then an option and we could also look back longer than 1 week.
I realise the disadvantages both in performance and ‘privacy’ of this, but it was a nice thing to gather reviews for a specific concert or other event.

So a dynamic search within a widget is no longer possible, which means I would have to set up a widget for each search, i.e. Anastacia + Amsterdam, Anastacia + London, etc… ?


I’m not familiar with the previous state of functionality that you’re referring to - I do know that the Search API itself has always only supported a 6-9 day window of Tweet history.

From an embedded timeline perspective I’m also only familiar with the ability to configure searches via the account widget settings. The alternative would be one of the options available via and the oEmbed endpoints, but neither of those support search terms.