Game Apps on Twitter


Twitter should have more then just tweeting and mentioning to follower . Twitter should get the game apps like CityVille, Restaurant City, Cafe World, .etc . If you can do that, you maybe be able to get people off of Facebook, and start coming on here . Now I love Twitter so much, but I’ll love Twitter even better if you add these game apps on Twitter . Thank You .


one of the things that makes twitter twitter is it’s all about talking and communicating with people around the world, if you start putting games and other pointless things on there it will be just the same as facebook and google+…


PING. , how about a “game” that uses all the posts{ping} from sites like fb.twit,ect, converts um into numbers, and used in a game, that runs in the back round or play like gta meets mafiawars in a libary.
,if anyone knows how to ,
10- {take twitter/facebook data [not char use hex# [not bofered about wot plp say just the number of clicks used,like {1mouse click=1ping,1key punch =.5ping} and move it into another website,

am thinking of calling it ping ball wizards and it it catches on i wana give away real suprize deliverys as much as possible @)


Yea, but we need more to do while we’re tweeting.


Okay, now what you really talking about?


See, now I think I’m about to trade over to Google+. Actually, it has everything I like and want in a social networking website. But one thing, it don’t count my post, so I really don’t know.


think walking around dungons and dragons inside gta and using twitter to chat to the other players running about google earth,
i need to know how to pull the
tweet # as int,
mentions # as int,
flow # as int,
so i can use them in a spread sheet ,