Gallery with a last recent images!


i need create a gallery with a las recent images…

As I can make a gallery in php with recent images of a specific user? no way to get them?




I’m actually wondering the same thing here?!
It would be great, cause it would solve a big part of my coding.



Okay, this need to be fixed, because they have too many problems wrong with Twitter.

  1. People being missing. All of my pictures are disappearing once I upload a new one.
  2. Direct Messages, they always deleting all of my Direct Messages and sometimes I don’t get the ones people send me.
  3. Why when you always send a new tweet on via web it scrolls down and you have to stroll back up to send another tweets.
  4. Why can’t we have a little picture of our own under the bio box like the people with verified accounts? I really want one of them.
    Also, the list goes on and on. Can y’all just read our problems and fix them. This is really going to make Twitter looks mad. I love Twitter so much, so can y’all please please please fix this problem. Thanks if you read this.


I envis to create some great albums how to twitter


:frowning: I just want my first pic back.


Why do I not see the pics that I have posted in the past week.
My pic gallery is now 7 days old!! In both IE & Chrome on the PC.
Same problem on my iPad app.
Why has no one addressed this problem???