Gallery Cards in Search results


Gallery Cards do not display correctly in Search results: they are replaced by Summary Cards without any thumbnails.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi there - we’re currently not serving up the new Card types (Gallery, Product, and App) in either Search results or in the Discover timeline. We have an issue tracking this at the link below, and we’re hoping to have this resolved soon.



Issue 979 shows status Closed and it is working fine in Twitter App on iPhone/iPad. But it’s still not working for me on (Desktop, tested in IExplorer, FFox, Chrome).

For example, this Gallery Card is not rendering in Search (I see a broken Summary Card instead):

But it’s is fine in Status view:


(Embed Tweet also still doesn’t show Gallery Card)


Can anyone confirm this issue and update? It’s still not working for me :frowning: Thanks


Sorry for the confusion. We are currently working to have standard Card presentation across timeline, search and mobile. Search is currently in the works, and shows cards inconsistently.

When this is resolved, will reach out here.


Photo Cards don’t show in search results either…